About Us

Wnet Electronics is a branch company of Wnet Media GmbH, based in Vienna, Austria. It is our goal to give the customers who come to us, a full package. This includes both the IPTV service and the proper device to watch it on.

We have decided to gift all our loyal customers a device, based on which package they would chose. You can hear about these promotions and many more in one of our premises or sign to our newsletter and receive them to your e-mail.

Customers interested in our products are also able to purchase the devices without choosing any other service we offer.
We offer warranty with every device you buy or receive as a gift from us.

The LED display our products have is top of the class. It contains high pixel density and an excellent contrast & brightness ratio.

WnetLED is engaged in the production, sales and rentals of LED and LCD displays of various formats and for different uses. Our displays have the best price/quality ratio on the market. We also offer the most favorable conditions for buying, as well as renting LED/LCD displays and still offer our service package 24/7.

Until recently, this form of advertising was only available to companies with large budgets, and we made it affordable to every business, even to the smallest.

Our products have been widely used in a variety of areas such as: airports, public spaces, shopping malls, banks, schools, hospitals and many more…
Providing cost effective products and customer oriented services WnetLED has become the partner of the world-class companies.

Our products have been exported/rented across whole EU.


To be a top brand trader of commercial display solutions on the EU market


Become the best and most trusted brand of professional custom designed digital signage solutions in the EU


High Quality,  High Efficiency, High Reputation & Continuous Innovations